Miniature Painting Log – April 2021

I managed to make some time to paint some minis, here’s some info on what I have managed to complete so far.

All the figures have been mounted on MDF bases and then painted with acrylic paints from Wargames Foundry and Coat d’Arms.

Sci-Fi Lawmen from Diehard Miniatures.

I’ve backed a few of Diehard Miniatures Kickstarter campaigns in the past, mostly their range of Sci-Fi miniatures which I hope to use in games like Stargrave or maybe even 7TV.

Star Wars Female Scoundrel from Wizards of the Coast

This is an old miniature from Wizards of the Coast to supplement the range of RPG games and books they released many years but they are no longer produced. I believe the miniature was released before they started making the Star Wars Miniatures range of collectable figures.

System Troopers from Iron Pig Productions

I had bought these figures with the intention of replacing their heads with Star Wars Stormtrooper helmets but once I placed a stormtrooper head on the model I wasn’t happy with how it looked so I just reverted to painting them up in a simple colour scheme to use as generic troopers for Sci-Fi games.

Fantasy Townsfolk Children from Reaper Miniatures

I bought these lovely little miniatures in 2020 and a project and I can’t remember what the project was, does this happen to anyone else?

I’m sure I’ll remember why I bought them or I’ll think of another use for them.

Anyway they are nice little miniatures, although they are sold as fantasy figures the children are wearing simple clothing so they could be used for historical gaming as well.

Hope you liked this little update on what I’ve working on.

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